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Will you experience physical withdraw from taking 2mg Xanax for 2 weeks?

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Anonymous 20 Aug 2011

Hi lulubell,
After taking Xanax for only two weeks I would think you shouldn't have any problems, however you MAY notice your anxiety rearing it's ugly head.
But perhaps not. It sort of depends upon the individual.
Have you been experiencing anxiety for a long time, or is it situational?
You might want to add that info to your question, it will help others answer it.
Best wishes to you lulubell !!

Anonymous 20 Aug 2011

I agree with my bestest friend Lara on this answer. Two weeks is an awfully short period of time to becoe addicted which in turn could precipitate withdrawals. Just my thoughts...

Anonymous 20 Aug 2011

Morning Mary!!!
Is pledge awake yet? Methinks I've offended the man with my umm, language!
'Spose I could have emailed ye this, eh???
Lara, yer sis!!

Anonymous 20 Aug 2011

Hey morning sis! Haven't heard from him yet. Sure he is taking car of his pups about this time tho'. Hey! Thunder & a little lightning this AM. No dog walking for me today! ... Mary

Anonymous 20 Aug 2011

Sis, Sesi is soooo gonna miss Petey!! Please don't go out in the ligthening?
That's all ya need, getting a thunder bolt to your body... hey, mayhap it will clear up the fibro!! Ohhh electric therapy for fibro, who woulda thunk it?
laughing as usual.
Lara xoxo

Anonymous 20 Aug 2011

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