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Will xanax affect a dot physical and fail me,i have a prescription?

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Inactive 10 Aug 2009

i'm assuming that you mean 'dept of transportation'. i wouldn't think it would make you fail especially if you have a prescription. they may have some concerns tho if you are on a high dose and worry that you may be drowsy and wreck something. thats my best guess. hope it helps.

charcot2 10 Aug 2009

I understand this is for a physical for a job, right?
if so; no it will not effect you on a blood test... it might even help you as far as being calmer. The only thing is that it takes at least 6 hrs. to get out of your blood system totally and until then it MIGHT make you a little sleepy. I take a third ... 1mg just before bedtime. It i not habit forming but if and when you get off lower the dosage by one pill each 2nd day.

bamabocephus 10 Aug 2009

no this will be a urine test,but i cannot find anyone to tell me if this will fail me free discount card

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