My husband was in a head-on accident with a truck while riding his motorcycle back in 1983. He has trouble with impulsivity, irritability, and sexually acting out with other women since then, but it got increasingly worse about 2 years ago and almost ended our marriage. It was like living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He's a good, good man, but there seemed to be another side that never made any sense.

He went into counseling and it was suggested that his brain injury could be the problem. It was obvious that he didn't seem to have much control and he didn't want to keep acting out. Our GP put him on Celexa, not only to treat the impulsivity and irritability, but also because of the sexual side effects of the drug. The Celexa works wonders for my husband and he feels that if he had only been put on something years ago his life would have been so much better. He describes it as having his "head clear" for the first time since the accident. He also says that it helps him to focus and think things through. I've seen a massive change and all for the better.

Now that we understand the problem, we would like to have our sex life back. He has tried dropping the dosage, but the symptoms return within a few days. He was put on Prestiq, but had some very bizarre symptoms and became dangerously agitated and had no memory of some of his worst outbursts. He had never been this way, even before treatment.

We have been doing research on Wellbutrin, which doesn't have the sexual side effect. However, we're not sure if it will work on the same areas of the brain that the Celexa does. His doctor said that he is willing to try him on it, but we would feel better if there were others who had a similar problem that have tried Wellbutrin who could give us some input.