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Will wellbutrin help with a decreased libido?

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jk13 5 Oct 2010

Some people experience this effect, although I never did, although, at the time, I was being over medicated, and it was being used to help keep me stay awake as well as sexual dysfunction - and had no helpful effects. Although, at the time we then went onto Nuvigil at the max dosage and still couldn't stay awake past 8pm.

According to wikipedia ( ):
"Several studies have indicated that bupropion also relieves sexual dysfunction in people who do not have depression. In a mixed-gender double-blind study, 63% of subjects on a 12-week course of bupropion rated their condition as improved or much improved, versus 3% of subjects on placebo."

Inactive 5 Oct 2010

Hey there... just wanted to add my input even though its not much... I was prescribed a low dosage of Wellbutrin for mild depression a month ago, and have not noticed a difference at all concerning libido. Hasn't hindered, nor improved my drive either way. As long as it doesn't effect the "hinder" part of it, I'll be happy:)

rawboots 6 Oct 2010

Hello there,
Ive been on the bupropion (wellbutrin) for two years now. It is the only medication prescribed for depression that has the least sexual side effects. Which compared to anything else is simply your best bet. Ive noticed not one side effect at all from this med. If you really wanna try a med out, do not research its side effects. My therapist asked me to trust her and give one of my meds a go without researching it. So I did and for about two months I did so. She put me on zoloft for the OCD that she diagnosed me with. I took it every day and it was very hard not to look it up but I eventually did. I gave it time to do its thing and I can honestly say that Ive suffered absolutely no side effects for I had no knowledge of the med to base any bad feelings or thoughts on during those two months. In other words... find a therapist and doctor with whom you can totally trust in. They are there to help you as well as many people on this site. Hope this helps

famfan 7 Oct 2010

Ive been on it now for 3 weeks and yes it does help.

jk13 8 Oct 2010

It's great to hear that! I hope that it helps you as well scottshealth, I hope that you update us as to your experience that you have with the med after a couple weeks of being on it, if you do decide to go on it, free discount card

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