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Will ultram produce a positive urine screen for opiates ?

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marjorie zych 17 May 2010

Yes. Ultram is a narcotic pain medicine and so far all narcotics show up as opiates. You need to be off it for at least about 5-7 days to be safe on the test. Good luck.

till33 17 May 2010

you are wrong they do not consider ultram an opiate.if it was it would be a scheduled drug like lorcet which is schedule free.but i will give you alittle credit in different state they maybe schedule it ive heard

marjorie zych 17 May 2010

Sorry for any misunderstanding. Ultram is considered a narcotic and I thought all narcotics were considered opiates. Sorry.

till33 17 May 2010

no believe me i am on probation and have been on ultram when taking them they do not show up .i meen for it to show they would have to do a blood test on you,and it still would not show as an opiate..oh yea i have also had hair testing and it does not show on that either..even though they work by attaching to your opiate anyway you will be fine

justgothome2031 20 May 2010

ultram (tramadol) is a synthetic opiate. its highly unlikely it will show up on a tox screen, but it is possible. free discount card

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