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Will two 40mg opanas be out of your system in 24hrs?

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LaurieShay 10 Dec 2011

Probably not. Gonna take at least 48 hours and maybe as much as 4 days depending on your metabolism.

relunsford2007 10 Dec 2011

I take Opana 40mg, and it takes longer than 24hrs to get out of your sytem. Like Laurie depends on your body and everything.

caringsonbj 12 Dec 2011

I agree with both of them I take Opana 40mg (two) but every body is different
I would advise anyone to be very careful since we are all different. and like they said it most likely won't be out of your system. Caringsonbj Billy

arcanoidcyst16 24 Dec 2011

I know this is not related but is opana good for long-term chronic lower back pain ever since the FDA discontinued darvocet and my doctor switched me to a short-acting breakthrough narcotic medication(hydrocodone)Things have just spiraled down hill for me.Does anyone recommend this medication?? free discount card

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