My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed last year with bipolar 1. She was put on trileptal and became extremely agitated.(threatened to cut off a girls head at school) So we tried abilify and she gained a lot of weight and never slept, it did work for about 3 months but it also increased her insulin levels, so we took her off that. she has been on Prozac with clonidine for about 3 months now and it seemed to quit working as well. So the Doctor doubled the Prozac to 20 mg. but she seems to be getting worse not better more manic and cycling. So I started looking up solution and read that she needs a mood stabilizer to go with the prozac. Has anyone here heard of topamax and Prozac and is topamax ok for her age level. any help at all would be wonderful. a close friend just keeps hospitalizing her daughter, I don't feel this is the answer for us, but I feel so lost right now trying to muddle through this with her and be her advocate against the more dangerous meds.

thank you.