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Will this drug cause you to fail a urine test, for a job?

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Anonymous 12 Oct 2011

Hi pdar88,
MOST u/a's don't test for Suboxone. That said, it depends on the type of job in question, if tis a government job or DOT job they may test for subs.
But usually not so.
There is a member here who is an expert at this, let me alert her to your Q, and she can answer you!!
Best wishes,

DzooBaby 13 Oct 2011

I pretty much concur with you Sweet. It just depends on if they test for it. My last job drug screen didnt even test for thebaine derived drugs only morphine derived opiates so I passed even though I'm on OxyContin and oxycodone. If you are prescribed the subs there isnt a whole lot they can do-you just have to prove they are prescribed by a Dr unless it is a DOT job then you may have more trouble. They wont let you take anything that can alter consciousness or anything controlled. My husband has to pass a DOT drug screen and even though he was prescribed Darvocet (this was back when you could still get it) he had to go off it and then test clean. Actually I think they told him he could take Ultram but he didnt stay on that either. free discount card

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