I'm a 32 year old male, after self destructing my life went to a "shrink" as I thought I was suffering from ADHD as my exgirlfriend gave me adderall a few times and it really helped me. I was diagnosed with major depression. And thinking back now I should have known that one. Nonetheless I've taken Prozac for two weeks now and my doc just upped my dose to 20 mgs a day. Well that was a few days ago. Now I sleep a total of 2-3 hours a night in short spells 30 min or less at a time. But I'm not tired during the day and I've gotten so much accomplished here recently and I'm rebuilding friendships. Forget the sleep I like who i am now/again. But I do worry about just crashing one day. A few people have said your sexual desire went away, mine has dropped which is probably for the best. But I have a hard time "getting off". Is that normal?