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Will the ER temporarily prescribe pain medication if my doctor is no longer practicing?

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christineATU 25 Jul 2010

If you go in on an emergency basis, they will prescribe just a few to hold you over. You need to find a new doctor, fast!

My best wishes,

Inactive 25 Jul 2010

Christine is right they will give you a small amount to hold you off till you get another physician around 20-30 quantity this is the normal amout some will only give 12-15 just be sure you instill it in their mind that you have to look for another doctor. I did once have a ER doctor give me 60 with refills you just never know with them.

christineATU 26 Jul 2010

you sure were lucky on getting the 60 with refills! The ER doc must have seen the real pain you were in and actually has a little compassion.

Inactive 26 Jul 2010

Oh yes definantly i had just lost my pain management and i had all my proof of my pain MRI's on me so he knew i wasnt lieing. He was a good doctor one of the old schools i guess you can say very sweet. I had him many times going to the ER and he was the only one that treated me good there. At the ER's in austin they nominate ER doctors for awards and he was the first person i thought of so he was the only one that got a nomination from me. Anyway definantly lucked out getting him anytime i went into the ER!

Shockadelica 23 Jan 2018

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