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Will the depo shot make you have thyroid problems?

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Marvell 19 Nov 2009

There is no note about the Depo causing thyroid problems.

Only caution stated is:

Estrogens/Progestogens (Includes Depo-Provera) ⇔ Thyroid Function Tests

Applies to: Thyroid Disease

When administering estrogen and/or progestogen therapy in patients with thyroid disorders, clinicians should be aware that these hormones may affect thyroid function tests. Changes have mostly been reported with the use of combination oral contraceptives. Specifically, thyroid-binding globulin (TBG) may be increased, resulting in elevated circulating total thyroid hormone, as measured by PBI (protein-bound iodine), T4 by column or radioimmunoassay, or T3 by radioimmunoassay. Free T3 resin uptake may be decreased. On the contrary, a decrease in TBG and, consequently, thyroxine concentration, has been reported by the manufacturers of the progestin-only (norethindrone) oral contraceptives.,depo-provera.html#Thyroid_Function_Tests free discount card

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