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Will taking promethazine make you fail a saliva drug test?

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Lora h 27 Apr 2010

If this is prometh w/cod,YES,this happened to me,at the time not realizing that codeine was a no no,I flunked a test and it set me back for being a year clean for the program im in.Ofcoarse it depends on the circumstances,wether or not your aloud to have it or have had a script for it in the past year,for instance,under a probation situation,im not sure what they would say,maybe ask for a script record,Hope all goes well for you!

fall queen 27 Apr 2010

I take phenergan for naseau, but Lora h is right if it has codiene in it, and/or you don't have s script for it, you may fail. Also it depends on when you took it and how much you took. Fall Queen free discount card

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