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Will suboxone show up on a drug test? its prescribed to me but wanted to keep my add. private!?

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Inactive 31 Mar 2010

Suboxone will only show up if they test specifically for bupenorphine. Most courts don't even test for it. Usually, only pain management doctors, doctors who are licensed to write a prescription for suboxone/subutex, and drug clinic or rehabs check for it. If for any reason the people asking for a drug test on you give you a problem, then show your prescription for it. It will not show as an opiate, I have had the quickie test in the doctors office and the kind they mail to a lab and it only showed as bupenorphine on the mail off test.

paulsport3 1 Apr 2010

Generally it will not show up most employers test for drugs like meth,cocaine ,pot, etc. However,if you are in health care or with first responders, criminal justice, you must 'declare' yourself . Check with your doctor or treatment team if you fall into this category. Paulsport3

paulsport3 1 Apr 2010

suboxone, does not show up unless someone is specifically looking for it,suboxone provides a little bit of opiate and pain relieving support but it mainly blocks those receptors in the brain so that if you take an opiate, the effect of that particular narcotic will be blocked but will show up as a positive in your pee test. The best thing to do is call the Here to Help hotline providing confidential information about all aspects of Suboxone. The number is 866-973-here. They will give you an advisor if you wish and call you on a weekly basis 1 time per week for 6-8 weeks if you sign up. The program is free of charge,keeps your information confidential and provides you with your answers and support when first starting with suboxone. paulsport3 free discount card

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