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Will suboxone show up in a urinalysis as an opiate?

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Inactive 9 Oct 2010

No, it will only show as bupenorhine. most companys, or probation offices don't check 4 it. pain management drs, life insurance companies and hospital employers might.

booter46 9 Oct 2010

Good answer--most do not check unless looking for it. (patti answered p.q. please check)

christineATU 9 Oct 2010

Hi Patti! It's been a while. I thought bupenorphine WAS an opiate? I know on the Ameritox reports there's a special box you need to check next to Suboxone if you want the person tested for it. Which led me to believe it wouldn't show at all in the opiate category... now I am really confused.

Inactive 9 Oct 2010

Not an opiate, opiate like, or something. It will not show as an opiate, only as bupenorphine. AMERITOX can pick it up on their screen ( the mail off kind) but the company has to pay to have that screened. Since it won't get a person high, they don't check for it. Pain management doctors, employment at hospitals, and possibly life insurance specifically might check for it. Most probation offices don't even check for it. Plus if a person has an RX, they are fine. I have no idea why it won't show up as anything but bup, but it won't. free discount card

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