Hi gang!
If you know me then you know I have successfully jumped off suboxone since 9/11/11... almost 4months now. I have gotten my energy levels back and feel confidant that I won't ever go back to abusing opiates again. I remain on .5 mg xanax and 10mg ambien PRN for insomnia. I was also rx'd flexeril several years ago to assist with fibro myalgia. I want to stop the flexeril for personal reasons and eventually stop the xanax as well as ambien but know I can't do it all at once..so my question is: If I stop the flexeril first and stop it abruptly after 6 years of taking it, will I gave w/ds and if so, how long and what are the w/ds compared to? I went thru sub w/d and fell if I can handle those then I can hand;e flexeril w/d if there is such a thing?