with some detail, I have been on pain meds almost 3 yrs . i want to get off .
can anyone tell me if soboxone well truly help with pain too?
I have had over 80 percent of lg intestines removed and a fusion in back all surgerys did not turn out as well as they were supposed to. I am tired of the pain management stigma and pain medicine cycle .fentayl patch a 100 mcg 50 mcg change patches every 48hrs also 10/325 percocet 4 times a day and numerous abdominal meds for cramping and vomit you name it main thing is pain meds are what is what i want off. So i would like to know if the soboxone help get off them but also be able to cover the pain so i do not have to take the pain meds . There is not anything surgery can do except get a bag for abdominal and a nother fusion to fix the failed one i refuse to do any more surgery i have scare tissue really bad as all who have had knows how that works that in it self increases pain every time you have surgery you add to that. In the end it remains any kind of fix the doctors have just ends up with giving you pain meds so if onanyone can help with advise or even opinion
i would like to read it .
Thank you in advance