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Will sm dose of suboxone 9hrs ago block methadone?

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Inactive 16 Nov 2011

I hope you can list how many mgs you took, it it is 8 mgs or more, the subs will definitely block it for at least another day. You really shouldn't alteranate these 2 meds, they both are long acting and take up all the room on the receptor sites.

subgirl78 16 Nov 2011

Suboxone is pretty long acting, I think it depends on a few factors, wether or not you have been on suboxone regularly I think is one of the main factors. Also please just beee careful girl, it's tragic how much I've heard people seriously injure themselves or even die, from trying to go over and beyond the suboxone block with other things, just use caution:)

Inactive 16 Nov 2011

Good answer, I try not to scare people but subgirl is right. If you will go to and look up suboxone and look for where the entry talks about how strong it is compared to morphine, you will see why sub girl and I are just trying to keep you safe. Good answer sub girl. free discount card

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