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Will sex performance drugs cause dirty urine?

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Inactive 13 Dec 2010

Hi DD,
I highly doubt that any UA's check for cialis or viagra, worry not.

oxyaaron 13 Dec 2010

I concur.

Inactive 13 Dec 2010

Why thank you aaron.


oxyaaron 14 Dec 2010

Youre very welcome sweet! :)

Studfinder 23 Dec 2010

"Dirty urine?" By definition, urine is sterile on it's own.
Are you saying "discolored" or actually contaiminated?

Inactive 23 Dec 2010

He means a urinealysis, a drug screen test, as in an employment drug test.
Screening for pot, opiates etc.

Studfinder 24 Dec 2010

Thanks for clarifying.

Inactive 25 Dec 2010

Anytime, and I did NOT give you a thumbs down!!!
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