I just had a cervical block done this morning and now, holy cow, the pain has quadrupled!!! I called the pain clinic and they just refuse to allow me an increase on my meds (just on the ones I already have)!!! They said they were going to call me in a steroid pack and said that should help and if it isn't better in 5 days to call them back. I am already having to taper off the percocet he prescribed me this month (4 10mg/325's/day) b/c I took too many the first week. So, I am scared that taking the steroids might send me into withdrawl quicker while taking I'm trying to taper off this percocet. I just started a new job and I can't go through withdrawl and work at the same time, as I know most every single one of you know how horrible it is to stop cold turkey and then throw a new job on top of that. So I am supposed to call the pharmacist back in 30 minutes to see if he got the called in script, but I'm scared to take it. Can anybody out there shed some light on this for me? If you don't mind I would appreciate an answer as soon as some sweet soul can provide one to me. I am about to take some percocet b/c I just can't take this pain and if I get into trouble with the pain clinic, then oh well. I thought these people were sensitive to people with legit pain??? I don't understand why they won't call me in something stronger just for 3 days or so until the injected steroids from the block dispurse throughout my body. Can anyone tell me why they wouldn't do that? Please help... Love to all.