8 weeks ago I started a run of Prednisone, 15mg- 5mg.X3 , due to a sudden attack of severe pain. It's winter here in Maine and kinda' cold to go out for much excersise, so I didn't get much. When I did get out, the temp. was in the high 40's and low 50's, I felt a bit uncomfortable [cold] and started getting Angina hits [some Major]. I know about cold and Angina but at temps. of 40's & 50's, I don't think Angina should have happend... Blood psi. high normal , nifedipine 30mg,24hr.,atenolol 25mg, 24hr. & sertraline [Zoloft] 50mg. 24hr. ... Severe pain can destroy,and even kill a human and that wasn't in My game plan. appx. 3 weeks before My Prednisone run, the pain started to heavily increase My depression so My new Dr. gradually increased My Zoloft from 50mg. to 125mg. so I was at 15mg. of Prednisone and 125mg. of Zoloft [quite high] when I started to exercise [half mile walks mostly]. so what do you think people??" If you feel that niether of these drugs in combination or singularly could have caused Angina , then i guess i'll have to start investigating My natural meds, ie Vitamins, Herbs, H.G.H.,Minerals, etc. Thanks Much for any and all help ! ! ! Sacosam