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Will paxil at 37.5 mg taken in the morning make me tired?

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Rajive Goel 6 Jul 2011

It could cause weakness as a side effect which could make you feel tired, please do ask the doc so that he/she could change the time or prescribe a more comfortable med.

Take care, be well, please.

LaurieShay 6 Jul 2011

Hey woodmizer,

A common side effect of Paxil is drowsiness, but this will liklely subside with continued use. If it makes you too drowsy an alternative is to take in the evening but you run the risk of it keeping you awake. It really is a matter of seeing how you respond and acting accordingly. After you have been on the increased dose for awhile you should be fine to take in the morning without a problem.

Best wishes,


Inactive 6 Jul 2011

Hello Woodmizer. Well I might say yes to your question. I just began paxil (20mg) this past May (third day). It does make me tired. Mind you, thats why I take it, in as much as feeling/being tired, kills my anxiety, which I have, suffer from rather. By feeling tired, it overcomes my anxiety levels. I prefer the being tired to being anxious. Another effect which I don't care for is this, weight gain. Not happy in this area but for now, I'll put up with it. Just my input, thoughts. You might want to split your dose if you possibly can, if you find that you are becoming tired after taking it. best wishes. free discount card

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