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Will oxycontin use and vicodin use show up as the same on a drug test ?

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Inactive 12 Jun 2010

Yes, they will both test positive as an opioid. Unless, that is, the test is SPECIFICALLY for one of them (which im pretty sure is not even possible), in which case the difference could obviously be seen.

mpvt 12 Jun 2010

It depends on which test they use. If it is sent to a test lab then it will definitely show up as both opiates...

Inactive 15 Jun 2010

I agree with both previous posts. If they used a 5 panel test they will both come back as opiates. If they used a 10 panel test it seperates all drugs and are more accurate on pinpointing exactly what the opiates are that you have been taking. The 5 panel is a standard test that places of work use and places like probation and parole. The reason why most places use the 5 panel is cause its cheaper and they have so many other people they have to do drug tests on that they cant afford to use the more higher standard test like the 10 panel. Hope this helped. free discount card

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