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Will nucynta give me the same energy as oxycodone and give me the same or similar feeling?

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Lillypurp 19 Oct 2010

No, it will not. I have been on percocet and Nucynta used for breakthrough pain. It sucks. It made me feel like an alien. Very drowsy feeling. If you want to take it for pain then I would suggest taking it at night. It does however help with withdrawals as it is a schedule II opiod, if you ever run out of percocet. But if your doctor is trying to switch you from perc to Nucynta say hell no! If he wants to write you both, then that's another story, but you will still withdrawal from the perc's if you switch - plus it is very expensive and really didin't help me that much with pain. Just felt very cloudy headed, dry mouth - dry everything. Good luck to you and add me as a friend if you want to talk further about it!
Take care,
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