i recently had a baby and i tested positive for xanax. the cps took him from me and say i can get him back in 3-6 months after i go to court and do my classes. i was wrong for taking the drug. i just took it for my depression and to help me sleep. but i'm not here to justify it. i'm not here to make excuses. i lost my baby temporarily. i dont need any bashing please i know what i did was wrong and i own up to my mistakes. i have learned the hard way. anyway will my dr drug test me now or will he leave it up to the cps for that? i will be getting random drug tests already. so will he drug test me when i go in for my visit? please people do not start bashing on me ok i already know what i did was wrong and i feel really... just lost. i am really depressed so please just answer the question. i dont need your personal opinion. thanks