My boyfriend has been taking xanax for a few years since being doagnose with type one diabetes... He also was addicted to roxacets( pain pills) but kicked the habit and was very proud of him. But now i feel ike this is his new obsession. He prob SNORTS(UGH) about 3 2 miligram xanax bars every day. He calims he needs them for sleep but he takes them WAAAAAAY before bedtime... he occasionally looks all messed up when he takes them but not all the time..he is def not taking recommended dosage. i told him my concerns multiple times and claims hes not doin it as much anymore , but i dont believe him becaus ehe will sneak into the bathroom in teh am and snort one when he frigin wakes up! UGHH will he ever stop? or is he just to far gone with this addiction? also he somethimes runs out and trys to buy them from people because cant sleep without it... what should i say to him? break up or threatedn too? i love hima nd wanna stick by his side but i almost need a time limit for this too end!! help pleas e respoces would be greatly appreciated