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Will my baby have withdraw symptons after birth with me taking paoxetine while pregnant?

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Inactive 12 Jul 2010

PREGNANCY: Paroxetine may cause heart defects or serious, life-threatening lung problems in newborn babies whose mothers take the medication during pregnancy. However, you may have a relapse of depression if you stop taking your antidepressant during pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy, or if you become pregnant while taking paroxetine, do not stop taking the medication without first talking to your doctor.

NURSING MOTHERS: Paroxetine is secreted in breast milk. Mothers who are taking paroxetine should consider not breastfeeding.

I hope nothing will happen to your baby or you... from a caring individual

Inactive 13 Jul 2010

Are you breast feeding?

sgmcbeth 13 Jul 2010

I am currently 26wks pregnant and would like to breast feed but am concerned i will not be able to because of the paroxetine..

Inactive 13 Jul 2010

I figured this was why you were asking trust me though by the time baby comes you will be free and clear of it.

sgmcbeth 14 Jul 2010

i am stil currently taking paroxetine...

kennedyfish 10 Jul 2011

I've been on Paxil for 13 years, during which time I had three healthy babies, who are now healthy children with no problems. I solely breastfed all three for at least a year. At the time I was pregnant, there was no information on the risk of birth defects that come with using Paxil when pregnant. That is a tough decision. I think overall Paxil is a scary drug and I've been trying to get off of it for years, but I just can't... free discount card

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