29 year old male here. First started on Zoloft in 2006, it was a miraculous drug. Then it stopped working after 2 years then my psych doc raised the dose from 50mg to 100mg-didnt help at all. A year later i started taking Celexa (along with Adderall for ADHD) from a different doc. My anxiety only became worse (taken the fact that Adderall is a stimulant). I was on 60mg of celexa (bad side effects). Went to a different doctor and he gave me Prozac. I soon stopped taking Adderall.
Prozac is fine, better than celexa but not as good as zoloft was. Taking 80mg for 6 months and its helped with my anxiety somewhat but i still have trouble coping with my OCD especially since im practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. And the side effects are annoying. I feel that i need to be taking something better. Im not sure if i should switch to Lexapro since i took Celexa previously (i understand they're have the similar chemicals). But are they entirely the same other than the fact that lexapro is new and advanced, I mean is there a chance Lexapro will work for me a whole lot better?

Also hypothyroid, taking 175 mg of syntroid.