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Will klonopin show up on a drug test seperately from vicodin?

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24 Jun 2009

Yes - they are totally different medicines

27 Jun 2009

Klonopin is a benzo. Vicodin is an opiate. They will both show us two totally different classes of medications.

28 Jun 2009

yes, they will. they work differently, and therefore test differently as well.

1 Jul 2009

vicodin will show up as an opiate as klonopin would shou up as a benzo

3 Aug 2009

yes without a doubt! klonopin is a benzo and vicodin is an opiate so they are in different categories. i am on klonopin as well as other opiates and on my p.m. drug test they even list each benzo seperately as well as each opiate seperately so if u r not prescribed each of those meds, you will fail your drug test for sure! if you need the med that you are not prescribed, you really need to have an open relationship with your doctor-they are the only ones that can help you. I wish you luck!!! keep us posted

15 Feb 2010

yes klonipin stays in your system from 5-7 days and it will show as a benzo,,now the vicodin stays in your system 3-5days and it will show as an opiate..i hope your not takeing one for probation i hate to see anybody go to jail for a technacality

10 Feb 2011

I am a little concerned about the question itself and the drug test being given... under what guidelines or regulations have you taking a specific drug test and if you did why would it be a problem if both of these drugs are legal and given by prescription... It was always my understanding that drug testing was specifically put there for finding, thc, excessive alcohol or any alcohol in the blood, crack, meth and so on... just wondering, the only careers that I know of that would be extremely against any types of drugs in the system without written approval from an md would be that of the us service, and or very dangerous jobs where you are dealing with heights, electricity of any kind and of course police and fireman force...

7 Mar 2012

Both medications will show up separately on a drug screen but if you present a valid prescription for them you will be ok. But if you are using these drugs for recreation you are heading down a very dangerous road. Both are very addictive and can be fatal when they interact because they can cause respiratory failure. So please be careful and get help if you are not receiving them from a reliable doctor.

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