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Will inpatient detox from methadone be correctly done in as little as 5 days?

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mpvt 31 Mar 2010

Absolutely not!!! If you are on a higher dose than 1mg every or every other day then you will not be properly detoxed and you will go through months and months of physical and mental pain. Most people relapse.
Methadone is a totally different drug then all other opiates/opioids and it has to be treated differently.
You have to drop no more than 10% every 4-6 weeks. So if you are taking 100mgs a day then you drop to 90mgs for 6 weeks. Once you get down to 20-15 mgs then you have to start dropping 1-2mgs at a time. It is a long process but methadone is a maintenance and once your on it you really should stay on it. This is why people shouldn't screw with this drug or go on it unless they are heavy chronic abusers for many years... Good luck...

oktoday 31 Mar 2010

I agree with Dave you need to be weaned very slowly off of methadone especially if you are above 30mgs and on it for over 6 months. If you go to fast you will feel like hell and your body will take awhile to readjust. I was on 60mg for 17 months and went on suboxone in oct 2009. i am just now starting to feel better and sleep better from the methadone. I purposely and somewhat ignorantly stayed only on 2mg of suboxone a day and it diffently helped and I felt ok and just recently I asked my doctor to put me up to 4mg a day. 2mg in the morning and 2mg at night and i feel so much better, more energy, less depressed and just can sleep better. Its not a tolerant issue I just never listened and wanted to stay on a low dose. I am now changing my tune and feel that for me I probably will stay on it for whatever it takes. I came off it back about 2 months ago and was placed on dilaudid and thank God my doctor put me right back on suboxone. free discount card

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