... only for 5-7 days before i experience night sweats, cramping, body aches so severe at times i feel im dying. I'm currently on 185mg/day liquid oral dose once perday at aprx. 6:30am. in the last few months i have started to eat a grapefruit and a 200mg tagamet in attempt to potentiate the methadone by interupting my bodies natural medicine destroying enzymes. i have noticed a change in the methadone's strength but not it's length of action. I also take 800mg of gabapentin 3x per day for nerve pain. My clinic has made it clear they do not split dose. so i am wondering will i reach a dose that will hold me or will my body always adjust causing this withdrawal syndrome after 5-7 days? i would like to also point out that as early as 80mg/day i would be ok a full 24hrs for the first week at that dose. that is what concerns me. thank you for you help guys