I am a 31yr old mother of 2 young children. I have a bad back & was put on percocet 6 yrs ago. I have been taking it for 6yrs, I am completely addicted to it. Just decided to get help. Started suboxone on the 19th. Expected to come home feeling great, normal, no cravings... everyone told me how wonderful I would feel. Instead I came home, looked around and lost it. My house is a wreck. It wasn't until after 72 hrs of severe withdrawls and the new meds, with my head cleared, then I saw the mess my house and my life is. I couldn't believe how consumed in my addiction I had become and I neglected everything! I am 100 lbs, house is so messy, laundry is a mountain, ughhh! I still have cravings too! Not as bad, nothing like it was but I still want the pain meds. I still catch myself grabbin my purse & diggin for them and walking to the cabinet. I thought this was supposed to be history! I just want to feel good and normal! I am takin 16mg a day, ... can anyone offer me any advice??