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Will I be ok if I take 15mg of percocet and take one 0.5mg xanax about an hr later?

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Inactive 10 Jan 2012

Yes, you will be ok. That is a fairly low dose of xanax. Are you a chorntic pain patient? 15mg of percocet is pretty storng & addingthe xanax will probably make you sleepy is all...

Josh1984 11 Jan 2012

Yes I'm a chronic back pain patient and I've been taking ten milligram Oxycodone for awhile now and I've also been taking xanax for a few months now for my anxiety. I take 0.5 mg xanax and I take the 10mg oxycodone without the tylenol. So I should be more specific and say Oxycodone and not percocet. But I usually space the two drugs out at least a few hrs apart.

Inactive 11 Jan 2012

Mary is right, wonder who gave her a thumbs down?

kittycatgirl2 11 Jan 2012

but you have to share with me:)

babyr0423 10 Jan 2012

I agree with Mary. Do you regularly take the Xanax? Or are you just starting?

kittycatgirl2 11 Jan 2012

you will be groggy but come out of it just fine i suspect. free discount card

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