I've been off my fentanyl patch now for 56 hours with the help of suboxone. I have become incredibly sick to the point that my digestive system is no longer working properly. My doctors are calling it a motility issue, most likely due to narcotic usage. I've broken my neck twice in the last 16 years, I am 44 years old. I have lost over 75lbs in less than a year and now down to just over 100lbs. A new doctor put me on suboxone 2 days ago and took me off of my remaining 100mcg fentanyl patch. I had weaned myself off of 50mcg over the previous 15 days and had also removed all the lortabs so I wouldnt take them as well. I'm surprised at how little side effects I'm suffering, but my abdominal pains have increased, not sure if it's withdrawl, or just my continued pain. My question, will I be able to stop suboxone easily, how long will I need to be on this and will I experience withdrawl once I stop this new medicine? I couldn't get a straight answer from this doctor, he told me that I'd be on it indefinitely which I was NOT happy with... Please help me :) I really need answers