I was a heroin addict for 4 years, and started buying subs off the street in order to quit using H. I haven't done heroin in about 8 months and have been continually buying subs illegally since then... I feel GREAT on the subs and have been able to lead a relatively normal and healthy life because of them. I started out with 8 mg a day and have weaned myself down to about 1 mg a day. I can pobably even get myself down to .25 or .50 but I just can't get off them completely. I can't handle the WD's but I can't keep buying them off the streets like this either!! It can be very stressful trying to get them... not to mention I'm trying to cut out the illegal activity! I have insurance and everything I'm just afraid to go to a sub doctor, since I've been taking them without a script for so long I fear they won't prescribe them to me... Does anyone have any thoughts on this or similar experiences? Would be greatly appreciated!