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Will having severe back pain over a six month period Increase your blood pressure a lot?

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midwestma 18 Aug 2010

Almost any type of pain will and can cause an increase in your blood pressure, however to be on the safe side, have your blood pressure checked, there can be many reasons for this increase, do not take needless chances that could lead to other problems, when in doubt check it out.. best to be safe than sorry. I wish you luck.

Inactive 25 Aug 2010

Yes, yes, and YES!! The more pain that you are in, the higher your blood presssure will respond. This needs to be addressed by a pain doctor or someone who will help you with controlling the pain. You will probably be a candidate for blood pressure meds also, unless you can get the pain under control. good luck!! Msfino

boomer03 25 Aug 2010

Thank you for the comment. I found out that the severe pain has been caused by a bone protrusion pushing down on the sciatic nerve. Apparently it is so bad the dr seemed very surprised I could walk at all. Surgery is being scheduled for early sept.

Inactive 25 Aug 2010

Please PLEASE, get a second opinion before you mess with back surgery. Everyone I know that has EVER had back surgery has had major problems with pain afterwards. Seriously. Try to find another solution before you cut. Remember, you can always cut, but after that is done, you can NEVER take it back. Good luck!!

boomer03 25 Aug 2010

Hi - They have tried steroids and the cortozone shots as well. Nothing. The steroids made it feel a little better but played havoc with my body. Now my question for you would be my dr put me on hydrochlorothiazide for the blood pressure. Just startedit on Friday of last week but it seems when I eat, whether it be luch or dinner my heart seems to beat faster? Why would this be?

Sacosam 25 Aug 2010

Hi msfino; Right on the point of it Girl, You hit the nail on the head all the way. Sacosam

Inactive 26 Aug 2010

Have you tried Botox?? It has really helped me, and it has NO cortisone in it! It pretty much stays where the doctor puts it, and it is COVERED by health insurance. Takes a few days to work fully. but works for up to three months. (I've heard that it works longer on some people, but only through the doctor) I have had it in my back, and in my cervical region, to help with migraines. Funny, but the best place to put Botox to help with migraines is on your face, but insurance companies won't cover that as you "might" want to get rid of wrinkles. Oy Vey!!@ free discount card

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