I am an East Indian with a dark brown complexion who has been suffering with PIH caused by acne for over 5 months. Usually my skin heals well on its own and mraks are gone within 2 weeks, but recently I have noticed that the brown/black marks are not fading at all. I tried using Fair and White Gel Cream but that made the situation completly worst. It significantly darkened the marks. I also used Clasifel but it totally burnt my skin. The Eldoquin Forte is making the spots red so I am considering discontinuing the use of this product.I have tried many products but none seem to be working. I went to the dermatologist but that was just a waste of time. She prescribed the same products even though I told her that it seems to be irritating my skin. She seems to be more concerned about making a profit rather than actually helping me. My skin honestly looks horrible, I have been getting so many negative remarks from people that my self confidence had dramatically been reduced. I am scared to use any more products on my skin, I do not want to disrupt the healing process!