I know about everything there is to know when it comes to THC drug testing in urine... however, i dont know shit when it comes to pharmaceuticals(in this case, oxycontin). Im worried because I helped a friend get the wax coating off of some OC 60's. I put like 5 or 6 in my mouth at once and just kinda swished them around, getting spit on them in the process... did it for a few minutes... i then spat upon completion to make sure nothing got in my body... but i swore i got a little buzz off them.. you think it was just in my head? cause ive got a decent tolerance, and NO WAY i would get a buzz off simply licking the coating off.. but then again i don't know if the coating has OC in it.. im worried i might get randomed tomorrow between 6 and 8 AM... i heard that water will actually flush out OC from your system.. i know it doesn't work for THC, because it stores in your fat cells.. but what about oxy's? PLEASE HELP!