I have recently been diagnosed with an illness that may eventually require escalating amounts of strong opiod pain medications. My doctor has already prescribed 2mg hydromorphone tablets to start and unfortunately these seem to be doing nothing and I assume that is due to the Subutex. that I have been taking at 4mg a day for the last 15 months, My family doctor does not know about the Subutex - I went to a special doctor for it. I don't want my regular doctor to know about it either because I fear that he will then be unwilling to prescribe me effective pain medications thinking that I am an addict which I am not. I became physically dependant on pain patches that I had to use for nearly a year due to a serious sports injury.

Many years ago I was released from the hospital after months of morphine used to control my pain. Surprisingly they discharged me without first tapering me off of the morphine. I was sent home with an Rx for for Darvon did nothing to alleviate the misery of the withdrawal hell that hit me very strongly within hours of being discharged. When I called the doctor told me not to worry and to just treat it symptomatically. Wel... after the third night of not sleeping a wink, I returned to the ER and the doctor on duty that night, who happened to be an old high school friend of mine, said that he would prescribe some Percodan. He told me off the record that it was illegal to prescribe an opiate for withdrawal symptoms (this was way before Subutex was available) so instead he prescribed them for the control of lingering post operative pain. He then told me (again off the record) how I should dose myself to taper off opiates with minimal withdrawals and it worked pretty well, He said if it didnt work adequately that I might have to consider the services of a methadone clinic. Fortunately, that wasn't necessary.

I am hoping that the Dilaudid will do the same for Subutex withdrawal. I dont remember exactly how the ER doctor had me do it He told me he was not allowed to give me more than 15 pills and he said to cut them in half when I got home and he then mapped out a strategy to taper me off over a two week time frame and it worked with only minimal discomfort.

I feel quite conflicted and have no idea of what to do next. I am hoping that someone else has been in this situation before and can help me out.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.