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Will Deplin come out generic any time soon? My insurance won't cover it so it is expensive for me?

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suzanne66 20 Sep 2009

Unfortunately I was unable to find an answer to your question. Hopefully other members may be able to help or you could try your local pharmacy.

wib411 15 Nov 2009

Looks like th elatest patent expires in 2020, so, at least 11 years before a generic.

annmia123 8 Aug 2017

There has been a generic made by Breckenridge since 2012.

Cmoore13 16 Aug 2017

I buy the Breckenridge I-methylfolate 15 at Kroger (cheapest I can find) it cost $77/month!! I spoke with my Dr yesterday and she recommended purchasing from Amazon. She said 'Its the same‚Äč thing', which I doubt. Obviously it isn't because it is $50+ cheaper. The one I found with the best reviews is Life Extension L-Methylfolate 15. I am going to order it and give it a try. It would be amazing if it actually had the same effect, but I am skeptical.

sdelorenzi 13 Oct 2017

I already is out and it is called L-Methylfolate Forte and distributed by Breckinridge Pharmaceuticals, I will also tell you it is manufactured by the same company that manufactured Deplin. It is just not distributed through the band name company for Deplin which is Alfasigma USA

HollywoodPlatinum 20 Dec 2017

The generic or scientific name is Methylfolate. There are many kinds of Methylfolate. One of the brand names is Deplin. You can purchase Methlfolate through a company that makes Methlfolate, called METHYLPRO.COM. There are tons of places to buy this and different strengths with or without cofactors. I think I have researched ALL of them. Lol. I'll soon be taking L-Methylfolate 15 mg. There are different types of the gene mutation MTHFR. You need to know which type you have. Do your own research and get a notebook and pen. It's lots of info. If your doctor would contact a MethylPRO rep, they will send samples to your doctor and your doctor can give them to you to get you started. free discount card

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