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Will darvocet or ultracet make you test positive on a UA?

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Inactive 22 Aug 2011

Yes, darvocet ( which has been pulled of the shelves of american pharmacies) will give you a positive both as opoid and propoxyphene. Ultracet will show positive as tramadol, and as an opoid.

DzooBaby 22 Aug 2011

The Darvocet will for sure show positive for opioids. Ultracet has Tramadol in it and isnt technically an opioid but is "opioid-like" which means that it acts on the same receptors opioids do. It is unlikely to show positive as an opioid though because it is chemically unrelated to opioids. Ultracet is generally not a Controlled Substance but will show if it is specifically tested for.

subsailorslady1980 24 Aug 2011

The darvocet will show positive for opiates and propoxphene but since ultracet has such a tiny amount of an opiate in it, it would take a whole handful of pills to show up in your urine. And to clarify, Ultracet (tramadol and tylenol) is classified by the FDA as an "Opiate Narcotic" and is a controlled substance! free discount card

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