I was treated with morphine long enough to become physically dependant however I am not an addict per se. I have been wanting to get off of it as I hate all unneccisary medications and I am primarily a naturalist when it comes to medications. A friend told me that since Subutex is a long acting opiod that the withdrawals will likely go on and on and on for weeks possibly. He suggested that perhaps I should change dependency to a short acting opiod like codeine which is available where I live cheaply and without a perscription and that the withdrawals from that would last only a week or so. By the way, Subutex was far superior to Suboxone for me at least. I had gruesome headaches and muscle aches on Suboxone I feel due to the artificial colors and flavors in it as well as to the Naloxone.

I just cannot accept wasting $10 a day on Subutex when I could feed a starving famly for that much if not less. However I must say that I have never felt better in my life mentally which leads me to wonder if I have had a chemical imbalance in my CNS all of my life that this "wonder drug" has helped tremendously.

Please help me decide on a direction to follow if anyone can. I would prefer to not go abruptly off of the Subutex for fear of unbearable suffering for months on end and I also want to avoid a detox facility. Since I am not an addict I don't want to waste time on NA meetings and support groups.

Best Regards,