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Will anyone tell me the diffrance between 10 oc and 10 op?

This question has also been asked and answered here: What's the difference between Oxycontin OC 40 and OP 40?

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Jandelles 14 Oct 2010

Oxycontin OP is the new, updated version of Oxycontin OC. It contains the same active ingredient, Oxycodone, in a time released formulation.

The difference is that the OP has been re-formulated to prevent abuse. Trying to crush the pills (for the purpose of snorting, injecting, etc.) will not make a difference, they still retain their time released formulation.

IhearttheOcean 15 Oct 2010

This is correct. They will not dissolve like the OC ones would. You can crush them but they still stay in small chunks that are timed release because the chunks dissolve slowly. If you crushed or chewed the OC ones, they would dissolve to almost liquid and therefore were no longer timed release

ksrock2 31 Oct 2010

The big thing is that there is no quick release. The old oxycontin had both a long acting and a short acting release. My pain management doctor explained this to me years ago. He told me that you get approx 30% of your full dose in the first hour or so and the medication is then released slowly over time. I believe this is what we are feeling or not feeling. I have to take a quick release with an oxycontin op.

christineATU 15 Oct 2010

You can also click on my picture and look up the last question I asked. I posted Purdue Pharma's Official Statement re: Oxycontin Purdue. It will replace all mg's of OC by the end of this year.

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