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Will allerga help mucus drainage?

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Beepoo 29 Sep 2011

Yea it definitely should... It's a great med!! Hope ya feel better!*brooke

DzooBaby 30 Sep 2011

Allegra is an antihistamine. It may help if the congestion is allergy related. It also depends on what is causing the congestion and where the congestion is occuring. Sometimes a decongestant or a combination of an antihistamine and decongestant works best especially if the congestion is nasal. If the congestion is in the chest, something like Mucinex might work better.

Anonymous 30 Sep 2011

I've always used actifed which helps to dry you up. It depends on what is causing it, & if you are taking about drainage from the nose or as Dzoo says the lungs Mucinex helps better. Actifed before it was OTC was doctors favoirite drug when people came in all stuffed up with colds & flu like symptoms. Now I know I have allergies, it really helps with them too. Just my thoughts...

DzooBaby 7 Oct 2011

Did you know that they changed the formula on Actifed recently? Actifed is the only drug that helps my husbands allergies because of the particular antihistamine tripolidine or something like that. The last time he bought Actifed they had reformulated it to contan chlorpheniramine maleate and now it doesnt work nearly so well for him.

litlmommag 30 Sep 2011

My doc gave me it but it dried me up to much. It definatly worked though free discount card

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