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Will a vicodin work if I only have a tiny bit of suboxone in my system?

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Inactive 28 Aug 2010

I dont think so no tiny bit or not its in your system.

Sacosam 28 Aug 2010

Hey there A.S.H. "A LITTLE BIT"??? c'mon now, who you tryin' ta kid ? Us or yo'self. Eat a couple dozen and find out. Then when all the pain & misrey starts, remember... "Who is the most important person in your life"! ? Y ou don't need that information Buck. Sacosam

subzero58 28 Aug 2010

Come on dude.why would you even think that you would feel it ? the only thing your gonna feel is the guilt from even trying to feel something.and brother there is no medication for that...

Springer10 29 Aug 2010

Amen, subzero!

will someone please enlighten me? im just curious... what is this subox (whatever, however its spelled)? and why wouldnt they be able to use vicoden while taking it? im gonna check up on it... but im completely lost. i've heard alot of people talk about this drug, but idk what it is

misled 29 Aug 2010

No!!! free discount card

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