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Will a drug test be able to tell the difference between Oxymorphone (Opana) and Dilaudid?

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28 Mar 2010

depends, are regularly checked for one of those?? If you are then "yes" they probably can as they have to use different tests for some synthetic opiates... Dave

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28 Mar 2010

"Smoke Dookie" the name alone is suspect. At least to me. The drug testing is catching up to the 21st century. If these meds were prescribed to you, then even if they show up, what's the problem? Don't mean to sound so cynical but regardless of what the screen is for (pre-employment, random, child custody, etc) when you are honest and upfront about being prescribed certain meds, then don't worry. On the other hand, if you weren't prescribed them and you show a positive, well, you know the rest. I wish you good luck and hope things turn out well for you.

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28 Mar 2010

hi smokin ducki, better smokem if you got um. sounds to me like you gona be a ward of the county soon enuff. yea smokin dude u better get your s@!t in order. say goodby to the little lady in your life, she gonna be lonly... oh by the way my names JODY

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christineATU 28 Mar 2010

Who would have ever thought this forum would be a comedy show!! Stop making me laugh... it hurts my back!

28 Mar 2010

Like everyone else has already commented, it depends if they are testing for a specific drug. Typically, a standard drug test would just show that you would be positive for opiates. Much more expensive test can be done to determine which opiate however. So it really depends on who's submitting it and why. Also, (I agree) honesty is always the best policy. Take care.

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8 Jul 2010

Opana ER and IR are OXYmorphone. Dilaudid is HYDROmorphone. They'd have to be really specific and costs for line item narcs is high. Usually just opiates BUT depends on WHO's testing. If you are getting them legally from your Doc, they usually do a line by line. Especially since most insurance carriers will pay for the more specific test. Employers don't want the larger tab. I do know my Pain Doc did a line by line of all narcs since I watched when the nurse came up and said she failed. She just said "I had an old bottle of it (Vicodin) so I took (1) or "some" - don't remember. LOVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER... I take as prescribed - but there's always water, and water and how long ago did you take the Opana beore the test - and was it ER or just Opana. Opana has a long half life - 7 to 9 hrs. GOOD LUCK!

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