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Will 2 MG of Oxycodone that I took the night before a UA show up in it?

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Inactive 11 Jun 2010

While 2mgs of OC is a really REALLY low dose it possibly could show up. It would depend if its a lab test or a panel test. If its a lab test then youll probably test positive, but panel tests arent usually as sensitive, and since its such a small dose you might pass. Do you know what kind it was?

ErikArthurBlack 11 Jun 2010

It was part of a percocet, about a quarter to a third of a pill (7.5 mg/325)

It would be a lab test, plus I'm not drinking much tonight.

The thing is, I want it to show up, and I apologise if the question seemed misleading, as if I was hoping for a negative.
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