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Will 1 day without my methadone 190mgs get me sick if I take clonidine and a couple klonopin?

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LaurieShay 30 May 2011

Hey trev,

The methadone is a long acting opiate so missing one day should be ok. You shouldn't really need the clonidine or the klonopin really as long as it is just one day. Please be careful taking the mixture as the methadone will still be in your system and with the klonopin can cause central nervous system problems like effect your heart and breathing.

Best wishes,


linda0982000 31 May 2011

Along with what Laurie said, if your clinic finds the klonopin in your UA they could drop you.

BRRMARS 30 May 2011

One day won't kill you i have gone out of town and forgot my meds and i was fine for two days. So you'll be allright.

kerriehoyne 31 May 2011

methadone has a long (about 48-72)hour life u should be ok for 1 day r u shure yor dose is 190 seems high free discount card

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