... S day, plus ambien 10 mg and I have notice her behavior has change dramatically,she sees things that aren't there,she's became really skinny,she hear stuff it never happened I'm telling you the facts cause I I'm exhausted,i have became a detective I wire my house I mounted cameras and wen I get back from work she start telling me that my sister is yelling at her bad stuff and my niece too cause some problems they have in the past,so I go at night while she and my kids are asleep and start reviewing the video with audio plus the audio from the mics there's nothing just my kids playing laughing but her behavior is not normal,she's always looking thru the door or the windows suddenly she's drinking coffee and start to argue with the kids about stuff they didn't say,one day she's kind of loving wife not like she use to be but at any given moment she change dramatically she start arguing her facial expressions change she become hostile and aggressive with me or the kids with no reason. She forgets everything even her age she's 34 by the way she do things the opposite way for example she put my kids sneaker wrong the right on the left and the left on the right. If we make plans today for tomorrow she doesn't remember the plan we made the next day I need to know if it's caused by the medicines cause there's a lot of stuff I will not write cause lack of time please help me my kids are 5 and 6 years old. Thanks in advance