I would like to communicate with other husbands that are taking care of their wife. My wife is Mexican & I'm american. My wife has had Schizophrenia for about 19yrs. Before her & I got married she was not taking her medication. I didn't know at first that she was mentaly ill because she speaks Espanol & I thought that she was just talking about normal things. Now I know that what she was talking about was not normal. I was able to get her to her psychiatrist & He was able to get her on Risperidone 1mg. at bed time. Before her Dr prescribe Zyprexa 2.2mg but she wouldn't take it. From what I see from the way she is now she is about 90% better than before. She seem more high functional than other people that I've seen on most of the Youtube videos about persons with Schizophrenia. I would like to know how other family members are doing on Resperidone & at what dose? The 2 major side effects that she has had with resperidone are gaining weight & lactation. She informed me that she is not hearing any voices & she has not been aggressiveness towards me. Please send me a message about your experience. Thank you.