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My wife just had reconstructive acl surgery. Should I wake her up at 4:00 am to take her pain meds?

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chuck1957 25 Mar 2017

Sooner, I THINK IT WOULD BE BEST TO LET HER SLEEP AND WHEN SHE WAKES THEN GIVE IT TO HER. Because as long as she is sleeping her pain should be pretty much under control. But as soon as she wakes up to try and help her and give it to her then so she does not have to move around that much. The Pain pill well kicks in pretty quick for her so it should not bother her too much. Because no matter what the bottle says during the waking time try and get her to take it as close give or take a half hour so her pain is covered well. while she is up. This should cover her the best. And remember if it upsets her stomach. Try and give it to her with a piece of toast or some soup. Thanks for helping her and worrying about her. This for sure is a pretty painful procedure for most. Have a good weekend and as always feel free to reach one of us if you have any questions. Chuck1957 free discount card

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